Stamped Concrete vs. Interlocking

If you’re planning to build a new landscape, driveway or patio this summer, and you are confused over whether to use stamped concrete OR interlock pavers, you’re not alone.
Read this to help you decide which landscaping material to choose.

Stamped Concrete

Many homeowners are asking whether to use concrete OR interlock pavers for home landscaping, driveway or backyard patio.
Gone are the days when you had to choose between beauty & durability when selecting your material. Today’s materials offer both

What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is basically pouring concrete and stamping it with a pattern to give it texture. This pattern provides texture and can come in various styles, so that it looks stone, brick or others.
It can be painted in different colors to match home’s exterior design.

Pros of Stamped Concrete

  • It has high durability, as concrete withstands heavy loads and extreme weather.
  • With stamped concrete, you have many options, as it comes in various pattern designs and can be used to suit the architectural style of a home
  • It can be easily to cleaned with soap, degreaser, and power washers depending on the type of dirt and stains.
Stamped Concrete
What is interlock pavers?

Interlock paving stones are individual concrete units that interlock with each other. Polymeric sand is poured between the natural joints of the pavers to secure them in place. These pavers are more flexible than poured concrete when the ground expands and contracts.


Pros of Interlock Pavers

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Can be used almost anywhere in and outside your house
  • Durable. Interlock can withstand heavy loads, foot traffic, extreme weather, and fluctuating climate conditions

But Interlock pavers require maintenance. You might need to top off polymeric sand between stones every 2 years.
Also, it’s more expensive than stamped concrete.


Although interlock pavers has a beautiful style that suits a wide variety of house styles, it’s more expensive than Stamped Concrete and requires more maintenance.
Stamped Concrete costs less and has a nice look.

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