Is your home or apartment ready for the upcoming winter months?

As the temperatures drop, you may begin to think about the upcoming holidays and cozying up at home under a warm blanket. It may be a good idea to do some household projects before you start sipping your hot coffee.
To prepare your home for winter, here are some home maintenance tasks you may want to consider completing. Preparing your home for winter takes some effort, but luckily, many of the best measures to take are easy and free and help protect your home, the biggest investment in your life.

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Tips to prepare the inside of your home for winter

  • Have your furnace inspected. Since your heating system will probably be running constantly throughout the winter, you should have it inspected annually to help it run efficiently and prevent CO from entering your home. Also remember to change out your HVAC filters every month.

  • Inspect the insulation in your attic. Warm air rises and leaves the house through the roof, so you should focus on insulation in your ceilings.

  • You should seal potential leaks. It is important to insulate your home or apartment before bitter cold weather sets in. Protect areas around recessed lights, attic hatches, and plumbing vents where warm air from living spaces below may be entering the attic.

  • Make use of window sheet kits. Pick up a plastic-film sheet kit from your local hardware store if you don’t have double-paned or storm windows. Although these will only last one season, they do help reduce energy costs and halt cold drafts during winter. Try these window sheet kit to help make windows more energy-efficient.

  • Make sure doors are weather-stripped and that window gaps are caulked. Ensure that all windows are locked to keep out cold air.

  • If you intend to use your fireplace, consult a professional for inspection and service. You have to make sure your chimney is clear of debris and that your damper opens, closes and seals tightly.
basement renovations oakville
basement renovations oakville

Outside winter home maintenance tips

  • Secure Outdoor Water Sources. You should drain any garden hoses or sprinklers to prevent them from freezing and bursting. Open the outdoor spigot after shutting off the water supply valve inside your house or basement (any trapped water will drain out).

  • Checkup your tool. Ensure that your snow shovels are ready and do not have cracks

  • Outdoor lights. Make sure the lights at the entrances (front, back, and garage) are working. Whenever possible, replace burned-out bulbs with LEDs that are more energy-efficient.

  • Store outdoor furniture. Both furniture and cushions should be stored in a covered spot free from moisture.
  • Close up and secure your swimming pool

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