How to create a Spacious, Elegant yet Functional Bathroom

Your bathroom is among the most important areas in your house where you are able to relax, rejuvenate and restore. The benefits of a large bathroom is that it provides you with a much more expanded room for creativity. Here are 10 tips to guide you for a better and more stylish bathroom look and feel

Color Scheme

Large bathrooms look excellent in basic neutral hues like white and grey, but they may also be combined with faint hints of bright colors like red, blue, or green. Colors should compliment the inside of your home and fit your particular personal style.

Functional Accessories

You may improve the order and usefulness of your bathroom by strategically placing utilitarian bathroom accessories such as towel racks, mirrors, soap containers, and toilet paper holders. These simple products may make your bathroom much more user-friendly.

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Bathroom Vanity Sets

For large bathroom areas, a bathroom vanity makes an excellent focus point. Maintain continuity in your bathroom decor by getting the vanity set with other furniture décor and pairing the vanity with an armoire for more towel storage space.

Seating Area

If your bathroom is large enough, you may add a seating area where you can rest or have someone wait for you while you prepare. A chaise lounge, a normal couch, or multiple chairs are all options. If you have additional space, you may pair it with a small table.

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Great Lighting

A well-lit space appears larger and more airy. Larger windows or ceiling lighting in areas you want to accentuate might let in more natural light in areas you want to accentuate. Accent lighting in spaces such as the bathtub, vanity, or shower can have a huge impact. You may even add a chandelier for a luxurious touch and a sense of elegance.

Decorative Materials

Tiles, glass, or stones might all be used as ornamental materials. Choose ornamental materials that compliment and mix with the rest of the bathroom’s aspects. Keep things basic to avoid the appearance of a cluttered bathroom.


Mirrors help round out the appearance of your bathroom. Mirrors enlarge your areas and enhance the lighting. In a spacious bathroom, a full-length mirror is a necessity.

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Flowers and Plants

Plants are also excellent ornamental pieces for a large bathroom. Select flowers and plants that thrive in humid environments. If you are unable to care for a real plant, you may get a similar impression by purchasing a fake plant.

Adequate Storage

In a spacious bathroom, it is simple to avoid clutter. Simply add additional storage space to the bathroom. You may use open walls to install wall-length storage cabinets and shelves to arrange your bathroom and cleaning materials.

Natural Colors for Cabinets and Furniture

Natural-colored cabinets and furnishings complement big bathrooms well. White, beige, and woody tones compliment the majority of tile hues.

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