Best time to renovate your home

As your home ages, parts of it are worn out or outdated and home renovations should be taken in consideration. Home renovation is one of the smartest moves you could do to increase your home’s value. A great concern for homeowners is often finding the best time of the year to carry out these home renovation projects.

Anytime can be the right time as long as you are ready, but the following are the best times of the year,

Home Renovation

A lot of people often dismiss the cold winter months and wait for weather to be warm in order to start their renovation project as they consider winter as the  worst time for renovations.

But in realty, the cold winter is the best time for renovations since the contractors do not have a lot of work and will often slash their prices making renovations much cheaper. 

basement renovations

Additions to your home

The best month for home renovation projects that are going to add square footage to your home is actually February and March when the ground is still frozen. The frozen ground and dry air actually makes it easier for contractors to pour concrete.

Kitchen Remodel

If you’re undergoing a kitchen renovation, be aware of the fact that your stove and other appliances may be out of commission during this time. In the summer, the presence of a barbeque will make this burden a little easier to bear.

basement finishing

When you decide to renovate your property, it’s good to consider the price of building materials. Even if you don’t immediately renovate your property if you purchase building materials for your renovation, pay attention to sales at home renovation supply stores. The holiday season is a common time for sales, but ask your local hardware store when the other best times to find a good price on building materials are. Regardless of whether you decide to hire a contractor or personally renovate your property, it will likely be in your best interest to purchase your own building materials to save money.

Finally, it’s better to take the reason of your renovation into a consideration when it comes to planning when will be the best time to renovate your property. Are you looking to invest in your home for the long term? Or are you looking to do a fast renovation in order to make a quick sale on a property? Consider that the best time to sell a home is in the spring. If you’re looking to sell in the spring, a renovation during the Fall or Winter makes the most sense; you’ll complete the renovation fresh in time to have your brand new home showcased to the public. A fast renovation means that your choices will be current and on trend, which increases the likelihood of a faster sale and a higher sale price for your property.

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