5 Things to consider before starting your kitchen renovation project

Before starting your kitchen renovation, there are many things to consider in order for it to live up to your expectations.

Kitchen Remodeling
1. Your kitchen space should be big enough

Whether it’s for entertainment, cooking, doing homework, or using it as an office, everyone likes to spend a lot of time around the central island or the dining table.
So you have to make sure you have enough room to accommodate everyone and your dining table should be big enough.


2. Consider new appliances with new technology

Technology is advancing rapidly and every appliance has its particularity in terms of technology. Energy-saving appliances is a must nowadays.

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3. How do you feel about built-in appliances?

It can sometimes be difficult to choose which appliance best fits your lifestyle and kitchen needs. French doors for fridges are becoming more trendy and give more space to store food. An interesting choice could be a side by side model with a freezer almost the same size as the refrigerator.
The question is whether you have to recess your appliances or not?

4. Do you want an induction cooker or gas?

Will you choose an induction cooker or gas. Below some details that could help you to decide:

Gas cookers

• Easy temperature control


• Dangerous for young children.
• Require a verification with the city for the installation of the propane tank.

Induction cooker

• Cold items a few minutes before or after use
• Easy to clean
• Space usable for the preparation
• Faster boiling
• Perfect temperature control


• You have to pay attention to the amperage of the electrical installations.

5. Your kitchen’s flooring 

Whether you choose ceramic, hardwood or vinyl, It’s important to make sure your new flooring is strong enough to survive the challenges of everyday life.

gas cooker
electric cooker

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